Episode 200: The Last Temptation is the Greatest Treason

Episode 200: The Last Temptation is the Greatest Treason

Ep 200 Geoff

Two Hundo.

Not too shabby at all.

I think our little niche has got verve in it still. We haven't yet run out of ideas for how to capitalize on events and people in history that we find funny.

Thanks to all the regulars who have muddled thru 200 of these with us so far. Thanks to the newcomers, perusing these archives in the near future, for taking a look at the comic. Thanks to the incomprehensible Matrioshka brains reading this in the far future - for what exactly, I'm not sure, but thanks anyway.


Ep 200 Dolby

Back when we first started, we decided to label the folder for the first episode as Ep0001, and chuckled quietly at the chutzpah of putting four digits in our filing system. Now that we have filled up Ep0200, chutzpah has turned to the sobering realization that, in a mere eight years, that extra digit will prove its use.

So, how have we used the last hundred episodes? Come this way... We started off by blowing up Mexico, swapped Napoleon for Abraham Lincoln, put the Thoremerson in the employ of the Confederates before learning of its secret plan, followed Newton on his side quest for a factotum to call his own, watched a beaver attack Lincoln, caught up with Douglass, didn't quite get what we wanted out of Edgar Allen Poe, had words with Honecker, killed Nathan Bedford Forrest with due violence, learned important lessons from Flaveraham Lincoln, blew up the Thoremerson, unleashed the Melvorne, set the Union right again, revealed the source of Frederick's woes, discovered the always-suspected connection between Leonhard Euler and Calvin Coolidge, saw W.S. Gilbert in danger of getting canned, dicked around for a while with Louis XIV, lost the Chronicle of Time, saw Frederick uppercut an Alien, knocked Abe down a rubbish shaft, stole Nobel's blow up juice, and watched Frederick get disturbingly competent at saving the universe.

And yet there is so much to come!! What of W.S. Gilbert and the blowing up of Ireland? What of the wounded Allen, now doubly intent on revenge? Has Frederick given up the fop? Who will emerge victorious in the ongoing battle between Euler and Coolidge? Will Newton be the Judas of the play? Didn't Delaflote find a robot head a while back or something? That, and a whole bunch of stuff I can't even TELL you about it's so secret!


- Count Dolby von Luckner

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