Episode 113: Doodle:Foolish::Dandy:Fop

Episode 113: Doodle:Foolish::Dandy:Fop

Ep 113 Geoff

I was thinking that the tin can in panel 4 might be an anachronism (because even though we play fast and loose with history, I like to know when we are doing so), but it is not. The first tin can was pressed out in England around 1810.

However, a true anachronism with respect to real history is the presence of the gray Confederate uniforms and the Confederate battle flag. These comics take place right after the Battle of Bull Run, and a noted problem during Bull Run was similar uniforms and flags for the two sides.

We wanted to go for the readily identifiable symbols.


Ep 113 Dolby

Boy, I sure would love to drop some historical knowledge right about here, but damn if I didn't get the Virtual Console on the Wii up and running today and damn if The Legend of Zelda hasn't got its hooks in me for the nth time in my life. Oh sweet, sweet childhood...

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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