Requested Sketches of Times Past

Pride Rock

Nikola Tesla versus a Certainly Not Copyrighted Generic Electric Rodent

Bender Hitting on Elizabeth Bathory

Otto von Bismarck playing a corgi for The World.

Suleiman the Magnificent, Ashurnasirpal II, and Basil II Visit the Kitten Room at their Local Shelter.

Zombie Marie Antoinette having a fine tea with a Stegosaurus

Theodore Roosevelt and the 10th Doctor: Rough Riders

Theodore Roosevelt and Applejack: Friendship is Presidential

Frederick, Emily Dickinson, and Peter the Great Rehearse The Mikado.

Steampunk Stalin, Zombie FDR, and Cyborg Churchill at Yalta

George Washington vs. the Cherry Trees

The Stately Taftaroo.

Captain Haddock and Tom Waits in Iocane Battle of Wits

Taft v. Bathtub.

Nikola Tesla, Master of the Velociraptor

Virginia Woolf Delivers Swift Justice to Roy Campbell
Bea Arthur: A Dalek's Last Mistake
Sailor Moon and Joan of Arc in Super Friendship Moment!
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