Episode 100: Mexico City Massacre: Utopia Showdown!

Episode 100: Mexico City Massacre: Utopia Showdown!

Ep 100 Geoff

Hey, look at that. 100 full episodes in the can (plus 10 fop trainings and 2 holiday specials) in about a year and three weeks. Not too shabby at all.

The immediate run up to Episode 100 was a bit different than how we normally work. Normally, we have an overall idea of the current plot and where it needs to go and then we sort of meander thru our plot points, taking time out to visit with the Italian army or tell dead puppy stories.

Now that we have complied with our rigorous early Nineties milestone comic training (OMG! It's Web of Spider-Man #100, we'll make up some Spider-Armor and totally foil emboss the hell out of the cover), we can return to our standard ambling pace.

Here's to the next 100! (Which at the standard ambling pace, will probably just see us out of this arc...)


Ep 100 Dolby

Yes, I have seen an actual horse on at least one occasion. I carried away from the experience that a horse has legs and a sort of long, ear-capped thing loosely similar to a head such as one sees on other mammals. I hope I captured the essence of that conception in my cavalry drawing above.

In other news... EPISODE ONE HUNDRED!! We've kicked Rene Descartes in the nuts, confused Newton with every other mathematician ever, split Salvador Dali in two and sent half of him into a void only to then be incorporated into a tophat wearing alligator along with the soul of the Marquis de Sade, talked with the ghost of Eugene Debs, sipped Dirty Charlemagnes with Erasmus, tossed a dwarf with Peter the Great, punched Albert Schweitzer in the nuts, saved the Scientific Revolution from Loyola, not saved the scientific genius of Delaflotte, saved Christmas, glued together two transcendentalists, taken Napoleon to the movies, and destroyed Mexico City. A good hundred episodes, all things considered.

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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