Episode 29: A Surrealistic Triumph?

Episode 29: A Surrealistic Triumph?

Ep 29 Geoff

And so we bid adieu to Dali and Tophattington. Something close to Stockholme Syndrome (but not quite that) occured when we fell in love with those crazy gators. I assure the gentle reader that all of our villains won't turn out to be quite so heroic.

Still, as tropes go, I loves me some hero/villain team-up to defeat something even worse. I am also a sucker for the video-game-inspired "but can you defeat the REAL villain?" ending.

Really, writing FtG is as simple as piling on layers of things I love. But without the grossness of whatever KFC calls those horrible bowl things. Famous Stackers? Stacker Snackers?

Something like that.

Stockholme Lockers?

Ep 29 Dolby

I only got to spend a couple of hours at APE this year, but it was a dense two hours.

The great find of the day was Holmes, a brilliant reinventing of the Holmes legend with an emphasis on the heady undercurrent of wanton debauchery of Victorian England. It's hilarious on levels I can't even approximate through verbal analysis here, so just go out and find a copy by any means necessary.

It was also a distinct pleasure to meet Sean Seamus McWhinny of Diary of a Catering Whore fame. I've always regarded his comic as the sort of thing that Beaumarchais would be writing were he alive today- devastatingly precise observations of Those With Money by Those Who Must Serve Them.

- Count Dolby von Luckner

Ep 29 Dolby 2

Rooster hoisters?

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