Episode 179: The Chronicle of Tempora

Episode 179: The Chronicle of Tempora

Ep 179 Dolby

Doesn't Allen have a Chronicle of his own? Can't the hat tell Frederick everything the book can? Who the heck was that guy in the last panel again?

Fine questions all.

And now on to other things... I just realized that, on the Contact page, I have had, for two years, entirely the wrong address for myself. So, if you have emailed vonluckner@ftg-comic.com anytime in the past two years and received no answer, I was not being a dick, but merely incompetent, as that address in fact points nowhere. It is now corrected to the useful and correct address of TheCount@ftg-comic.com. This is also the e-mail that the Twitter account is connected to.

Also also, one reader was cool enough to write to us that our RSS feed has gone all janky. If anybody else has experienced that as of late, please let us know so that we can throw pieces of flint and limestone at the internet until things work again!

- Count Dolby von Luckner

Ep 179 Geoff

For those that are wondering, the comic hasn't made a permanent shift into black and white. I've just been a little too crazy busy to get the coloring done. After the holidays I should be less crazy busy and be able to work on updating on these black and white episodes with glorious color.

I also hadn't noticed that the RSS feeds were broken. I guess that needs looking into.


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