Episode 125: Other than that, how was the Play?

Episode 125: Other than that, how was the Play?

Ep 125 Geoff

That Damn Beaver!

"Fweeee" is the agreed upon sound effect for a capacitor warming up.


Ep 125 Dolby

I never trusted that beaver.

Beavers are pretty fascinating little suckers really. Almost human in their willingness to totally screw with nature in order to be mildly more comfortable. Still, awesome critters. Check out the blurb from one of my favorite things to look through in spare moments, the Macmillan Illustrated Animal Encyclopedia:

"A pair of beavers starts by damming a stream with branches and mud to create a lake, deep enough not to freeze to the bottom in the winter, in which they hoard a winter food supply of branches. A shelter with sleeping quarters is made of branches, by the dam or on an island or bank, or a burrow is dug in the riverbank. When beavers have felled all the available trees in their territory, they DIG CANALS INTO THE WOODS TO FLOAT BACK TREES FROM FARTHER AFIELD!!!"

If you're not impressed by that last bit, you're most likely either a Skrull or deceased.

In any case... 125 Episodes! YAY!!

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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