Episode 121: A Secret Competence

Episode 121: A Secret Competence

Ep 121 Dolby

Geoff and I have a mutual love of deeply competent characters who purposefully appear utterly hopeless. So, it only made sense to have Drunk Uncle Ulysses be just a front for Sherlock Grant, the man who sees into the hearts of men and nations with a single laser-like glance.

- Count Dolby von Luckner

Ep 121 Geoff

It is true.

I remember this old SNL sketch where Ronald Reagan would be bumbling his way thru photo-ops with children and kittens until everyone left. Then, he would press a secret button and everything would flip around like in "Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends" and, suddenly, Reagan would be speaking five languages and ultra-competently solving every problem while insulting the smart people on his staff.

Oh, here it is. Well, some of it at any rate.


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