Episode 120: The Man Who Can't Be Spared

Episode 120: The Man Who Can't Be Spared

Ep 120 Dolby

Ulysses S. Grant had, all things considered, a terrible life. Between the Mexican and Civil Wars, he failed as a farmer, a bill collector, and a horse goods salesman. After the Civil War, as president he appointed and stuck by some of the most profoundly corrupt men in the history of statescraft, and then went on to a retirement of bankruptcy and chronic illness.

To balance this out, he was widely considered to be an excellent horseman, wrote one of the great memoirs of nineteenth century America, and eventually whooped the Rebels.

But was he in full Alcoholia around and about the Battle of Shiloh? He had pretty good reason to be, as his commanding officer during the Fort Henry/Fort Donelson/Shiloh was Halleck, a fastidious general whose overall philosophy was, basically, "If we move forward a foot a day, eventually we SHALL reach the East Coast." He hated Grant, and let Grant know it, and as Grant picked up victories at Henry and Donelson, he was even more of a dick. So, yeah, maybe Grant had a drink or two to forget the ole boss... who doesn't?

- Count Dolby von Luckner

Ep 120 Geoff

I've had days like this.


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