Episode 126: Every One Desires to Live Long, but No One Would be Old

Episode 126: Every One Desires to Live Long, but No One Would be Old

Ep 126 Geoff

Recently, I've been whiling the hours away with Chronotron, a happy little robot that can travel thru time.

This is a good little puzzle game that features all the multiple instantiation and time-becomes-a-loop-ness that I crave in my time-traveling robot puzzle games.


Ep 126 Dolby

It's May 15! 35 years ago, Nolan Ryan pitched the first of seven career no-hitters. 103 years ago, Las Vegas was founded. 252 years ago, the Seven Years War began during which Frederick the Great, by Surviving, became the lion of Europe. Also, a happy birthday to Wizard of Oz author L. Frank Baum and super-awesome author Mikhail Bulgakov!

Warning: Retroactive Spoilers Ahead!

Anyway, for those just joining us, we figured it would be a good time to go over where we've been with Abe and Douglass and the Thoremerson. This arc started here with the Shadowy Lathe-Happy Overlord approving the plan to corrupt the good intentions of Frederick Douglass. Douglass then goes on to create an unkillable monster. He then kidnapped a thermodynamicist and built himself a rocket train. His attack on Mexico ultimately failed, however, due to an excess of a Napoleon high on George Lucas.

Douglass and the Thoremerson then disappear for a spell until the breakout of the Civil War. Napoleon, having proved annoying, is dumped and a young Abe Lincoln is subtly brought in to replace him. Together, they find the Thoremerson working for the Confederacy, and planning nasty things. So, they track down Douglass, concoct a plan, and today it seems all but vanquished.

And that's 6 months of comics for you, friends. And oh do we have snakes and ladders planned in the future!

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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