Episode 92: A Joule in the Rough

Episode 92: A Joule in the Rough

Ep 92 Dolby

Edward Sabine was pretty awesome. Before becoming president of the Royal Society in 1860 of which Joule was also a member ("But how is Joule 'Edward's Joule' in 1843?" you ask. All things to the patient), he wandered around the earth with a set of pendulums in an attempt to perfectly measure Earth's deviation from sphericity. In the process, he moved from Africa to the Arctic to THE AMERICAS, at one point even getting an island named after him that he happened to be working on.

Ellen Moers, in her book "The Dandy", sums up Beau Brummell pretty well:

"The definition of the dandy begins with a particular point in time, a special milieu and a man by the name of George Bryan Brummell. His personality, variously understood, established the canons of that vague agglomeration of affectations, aspirations and negations the nineteenth century called Dandyism. Brummell was a very small man, but he was perfection in his smallness."

Well, good-bye top chatter box. When I see you again, you'll be a year old and will have had over 100 episodes perched atop you. Don't grow up too fast, kid.

- Count Dolby von Luckner

Ep 92 Geoff

The circular panel cutout makes a triumphant return!

One of these days we should do a panel that has all four corners cut out, and maybe a full circle in the middle.

Or maybe that would look too much like wallpaper?


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