Episode 124: Serf Dependency

Episode 124: Serf Dependency

Ep 124 Geoff

Oh man.

I have no idea what color Mexican uniforms back in the 1860s were.

Coloring this episode was a Jagermeister induced blur. I think I did pretty good, considering.


Ep 124 Dolby

First of all I, as an Oakland A's fan, can't let go without comment that today is the 40th anniversary of Catfish Hunter's perfect game against the Minnesota Twins. At the time, it was the first perfect game pitched in the American League since 1922, and it put the A's, then just moved into Oakland from Kansas City, back on the radar. Tip of the Tophat, Catfish!

I've modeled Peter the Great's subordinate here on Jose Castro, himself a pretty interesting guy with HIGHLY interesting coiffure features. He fought in the Bear Flag Revolt and Mexican-American War and, had Napoleon not conquered Mexico and thereby thrown a dervish into local history, he would have been assassinated in 1860.

Peter vs. the Galactic Army. Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, and US Grant vs. the Thoremerson. Isaac Newton and Robert-Houdin vs. the Mississippi River in quest of a factotum of their very own. Yes, things are coming to a decided head just in time for episode 125. But, for now, I've got to go watch me some Iron Man...

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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