Episode 123: One Man's Magic is Another Man's Alchemy

Episode 123: One Man's Magic is Another Man's Alchemy

Ep 123 Geoff

I really wanted to have Newton refer to the twinned pages from the book as a kind of ansible. However, I realized that since our presentation of Newton doesn't hold any truck with non-Newtonian physics, I was out of luck.

Of course, some rules have been discussed in the past about how Factotums work.

Newton has been wrong before.


Ep 123 Dolby

Newton devoted HUGE amounts of time to both Alchemy and the Search for Textual Evidence Disproving the Truth of the Trinity. The former, which so many modern Newton pamphleteers laugh up their sleeves about, was pretty common at the time and was basically just Chemistry By Other Means. The latter could very nearly have gotten him fired from his position (at TRINITY college), but fortunately the British government was never stable enough to make a thorough go at cleansing the entire nation of whatever happened to be deeply heretical that week.

Oh, and that aether...

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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