Episode 79: Just the Factotums, Ma'am

Episode 79: Just the Factotums, Ma'am

Ep 79 Geoff

Yes, now that the show is done, I can work on more Frederick and sing less patter songs.


Ep 79 Dolby

Geoff's script calls clearly for "Star Trek TNG" instrumentation and panels. To me, this meant one thing: branching menus terminating in semicircles. However, that part of me that champions Dr. McCoy over Doctors Crusher and Polaski felt compelled to add a few of the classic triangle gauge indicators on Euler's factotum analysis machine. A small victory, but it calms my soul so.

In other news, Geoff was veritably Off The Hook in his turn as Major General Stanley in the Pirates of Penzance. I have heard many a "I Am the Very Model of the Modern Major General" in my time, but now I realize those were all but pallid pre-echoes of the performance offered up by Messr. Geoff on Sunday last.

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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