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Historical Lifetime: 1712-1786

Historical Background:

First Appearance: Episode 1

Known Allies: Voltaire

Known Enemies: Voltaire, Maria Theresa, Restraint


The historical Frederick was regularly beaten by his father and, after attempting escape to France, forced to watch his best friend executed at his father’s order. He proceeded to become King of Prussia in 1740, and then invade and annex the Austrian territory of Silesia, plunging Europe into twenty years of near constant war. He emerged (barely) as a figure of legend, an indomitable soldier-philosopher-king who changed Prussia from the Hapsburg’s personal barracks into a force in its own right.

Our Frederick is somewhat... different. Entrusted with the Chapeau de Temps, he is charged with restoring order to space-time. On occasion, if there doesn’t happen to be a cock fight or rum house nearby, he does just that.


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Enigmas: Euler | Dickinson
Friends: Boleyn
Villains: Loyola | De Sade | Dalí

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