File: Blank

Historical Lifetime: 1909-1989

Historical Background:

First Appearance: Episode 7

Known Allies: A troupe of circus alligators

Known Enemies: Rationality


A pivotal figure in the history of the Putting Jesus Inside of an Egg movement, Dalí was the public face of Surrealism and its tittering younger sister, Dadaism, throughout the twentieth century. People that don't know a damn thing about art will still be able to point out a Dalí, and tell you with a reasonable degree of accuracy what the thing is about.

But how does a man become a spokesman for an entire artistic movement? What dark demon must have possessed his soul to spur him forward on the horns of renown? Who can rule the gators for so long without becoming gator himself?


Heroes: Frederick | Newton | Peter | Voltaire
Enigmas: Euler | Dickinson
Friends: Boleyn
Villains: Loyola | De Sade | Dalí

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