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Historical Lifetime: 1707-1783

Historical Background:

First Appearance: Episode 16

Known Allies: Catherine the Great, Frederick the Great, Lagrange

Known Enemies: You don’t want to make an enemy of Euler, pal


Invited by Frederick to work at the Berlin Academy on the strength of his countless ground-breaking contributions to mathematics, he proceeded to get on the monarch’s nerves by virtue of his constant philosophical moralizing. (Later, at St. Petersburg, he drove Diderot away from Catherine’s court in a similar manner).

How did arguably the greatest mathematical mind since Archimedes become a cold-blooded, tommy-gun-slinging assassin? And how did his path cross that of the angelic but deadly Dickinson? Read on, adventurous soul!


Heroes: Frederick | Newton | Peter | Voltaire
Enigmas: Euler | Dickinson
Friends: Boleyn
Villains: Loyola | De Sade | Dalí

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