File: De Sade

Historical Lifetime: 1740-1814

Historical Background:

First Appearance: Episode 25

Known Allies: Salvador Dalí, Masturbating Sans-Culottes, Non-Masturbating Academics

Known Enemies: Andrea Dworkin, Napoléon Bonaparte


After a life of sodomizing servant girls with crucifixes and eating feces off of sacrament wafers, de Sade died in a madhouse only to find himself a century later the centerpiece of Dalí’s fiendish plan to destroy reason and restore the world to its primal urges. For a good read with hardly any women at all getting split in half by demon genitalia, check out Philosophy in the Bedroom.


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Enigmas: Euler | Dickinson
Friends: Boleyn
Villains: Loyola | De Sade | Dalí

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