Episode 174: Desperate Times

Episode 174: Desperate Times

Ep 174 Dolby

I am now officially twitterpated. So, if you for some reason want to see EXACTLY when I am scanning in the inks for an episode or, say, reading about Gladstone, head on over to Twitter and follow around CountDvL as much as your heart desires!

Right now, I am just so excited about what is going to go down in our next episode that I can hardly focus on the one at hand. People new to the adventures of Frederick might not be familiar with the great unspoken power of The Cube, so here's a rundown of the relevant episodes:

The Cube First Appears
Euler Does Not Like the Cube
Frederick is Tired of his Cube

Incidentally, I'm pretty sure this was the last time we saw Frederick without a hat. It is also where one will find one of the single most devastating events in the Frederickverse, so click with caution.

- Count Dolby von Luckner

Ep 174 Geoff

The Count has summed things up nicely. The contents of the cube have been planned since the very beginning of the comic. It is good to finally fire off all these cannons at once.


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