Episode 175: The Silent Death

Episode 175: The Silent Death

Ep 175 Dolby

Calvin Coolidge was known for two things: Not Talking and Letting Business Go Crazy. The first is captured in the timeless story of the woman who came up to him at a ball game and told him, "My friend bet me that I couldn't get more than two words out of you today" to which Coolidge responded, "You Lose."

The second was more of a policy thing. He cut taxes and regulation on business and investment, allowing for the rampant speculation and general flapperishness of the 1920s, all of which came crashing down of course when people realized that they had all in fact invested in hype. It's a good thing to know that we have that example to guide us, so that we don't foolishly stumble into the exact same predicament with the exact same results. 'hem.

And, hey, Geoff, happy 175!!

- Count Dolby von Luckner

Ep 175 Geoff

Really? 175 of these things? Man, we are just plugging along.

Of course, I'll need to catch up on the coloring before I can celebrate.


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