Episode 176: Don't Go See Cal

Episode 176: Don't Go See Cal

Ep 176 Dolby

A big Happy Thanksgiving to the Frederick Followers in the U-nited States!

WAS Coolidge the cause of the Great Depression? Well, he certainly didn't do anything to help. His mantra of, "The business of America is business" essentially boiled down to, "The only thing better than profit is more profit." Just picture Coolidge singing Madonna's song "More" from Dick Tracy and you have a pretty good idea of the economic policy he urged on his cabinet.

Still, it is unfair to blame Coolidge for not seeing what nobody else in his time saw either. Bismarck let the same thing happen in Germany to the same effect a half century before. As did Lord John Russell in England. And on back and on back... Cal was just the last adherent of Cyclical Doom Economics, not necessarily the worst.

- Count Dolby von Luckner

Ep 176 Geoff

The title of today's episode references Cal Worthington and his "dog" spot.

A common mishearing of the phrase "Go see Cal" was "pussy cow." Apparently, this is something I liked to sing as a small child.

Cal Worthington's mighty reach extended all the way up to Anchorage, Alaska. I guess, we had a Worthington dealership there in the Eighties. (And, in fact, there is still one there.) Anyway, being up in the frozen north, I always figured Cal Worthington was a local thing since back in the mid-Eighties most things in Anchorage were local. So imagine my surprise when Cal Worthington turned out to be broadcasting his jingle up and down the entire West Coast to sell cars, leading this silly song to be a bigger touchstone than I had ever thought.

(I was trying to find an old "Mafia Mike's Pizza" ad on the internet to demonstrate a true local Anchorage commercial, but I suppose that Mafia Mike has mostly escaped the internet. Here is an article about Chilkoot Charlie's that mentions Mafia Mike (and his connection to the Spenard Windmill - a connection which I never knew about).


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