Episode 149: The Lincoln-Douglass Debacle

Episode 149: The Lincoln-Douglass Debacle

Ep 149 Geoff

I'm assuming that you readers enjoy watching dumb oafs with superpowers bumble around and eventually approximate something like "saving the day." Otherwise, you probably wouldn't be reading this comic.

Well, in that vein, if you have somehow missed Italian Spiderman, you should check it out.


Ep 149 Dolby

Oh, we're almost there... the event Geoff and I have been wanting to bring about for nigh on two years now is but an episode away! And while we wait, why not take a stroll through how we got here?

Douglass makes himself a Thoremerson
Mexico City Destroyed
The Thoremerson Rebels
Newton Is Crafty
Peter Gets Himself an Army
Abe Gets Shots
Abe Gets Shot Again

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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