Episode 143: ...As Being Shot at and Missed

Episode 143

Ep 143 Geoff

Remember how the movie "Star Trek Generations" had that Nexus that would make all your desires into reality?

Well, I guess we've into similar, if less Shatner-filled, territory with the Hootchbox.

I have a similar box in my house. Although, it is really just my Tivo. And what it give me is reruns of Iron Chef.

However, they don't use the Backdraft theme on the Fine Living Network. I have no idea why, and it kind of weirds me out when I'm watching the show.

I have to resort the internet to relive the good times.


Ep 143 Dolby

Abraham Lincoln's favorite animal was, in fact, the kitten. Not the cat, mind you, but the KITTEN. So, then, you can understand how truly difficult it must have been for him to be unplugged from a parade of Christmas kittens - far more difficult than for the average man who, while liking kittens just fine, holds his especial esteem reserved for the otter or mongoose or some other of nature's creatures.

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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