Episode 427: Things Besides Manuscripts that Don't Burn

Episode 427: Things Besides Manuscripts that Don't Burn

Ep 427 Dolby

First of all, I have to apologize for the Chatter Silence last week. My grandfather died, and between traveling to the funeral, wrangling with relatives, and general existential shock, I wasn't good for much beyond Hyjal quests in Warcraft and pacing about aimlessly. Growing up, my grandfather was my hero, and it wouldn't be too far off to say that he was the single most important influence on my life through elementary school. I spent a month every summer up in the colonial house that he built with his bare hands in Washington. He kept ducks and goats, built model airplanes, and devoured European and American history books at night. Over lunch and dinner, he would tell me about his time in the Army Air Corps during World War II, what he had read the night before, and his interests in aeronautical engineering. That month was always the high point of my year - wandering around the forest, coming back to the house, hanging out with grandpa, feeding the ducks and listening to the forest birds. He was my model for how to be passionate about the Stuff of the world, and thankfully I got to tell him that before he passed, but I just wanted to acknowledge that here publicly as well.

Moving on, if you've only come to us recently, that funky sword that Leonhard Euler is wielding might seem like an odd cod, so here is your lightning review of the episodes in which it figures! Warning! Spoilers of the Past be present!

As far as I can recall, its first appearance was in the hands of Franz von Sickingen back in episode 56. After a bit of wily time-travel exploitation, Euler obtained the sword, which we learned is a Factotum, a weapon that allows one to permanently remove a figure from history. The Power of Time was by no means happy about this development, for reasons still not entirely revealed. Euler laid low for about a hundred episodes, only to return, Factotum in hand, at Frederick's unleashing of Calvin Coolidge. His swings succeeded in crucially wounding Ethan Allen entirely by mistake, which launched the Far Future Arc. When next Euler caught up with Coolidge, he challenged Silent Cal in hand to hand combat, foresaking the Factotum. With Cal's mysterious self-destruction, Euler disappeared again, called to the fore again only to deal with Marx's threat to Emily's flock. And there you are!

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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