Episode 70: Time Becomes a Loop

Episode 70: Time Becomes a Loop

Ep 70 Geoff

I think the "CRASH through the stained glass window" sound effect is going to get a break after this episode. It deserves one.

I would like to say that this was the laziest episode we have created so far because, due to the time-travel, we were able to reuse a panel. However, the fact that every panel has at least 4 characters in it means we were drawing and coloring like crazy.

The actual laziest episode is probably a nice, easy one where Frederick and Voltaire are just talking or something.


Ep 70 Dolby

Two Eulers? Two Newtons? Nothing new if you're an electron. Borrowing against Uncertainty, creating particles out of nothing, freaking out about getting caught, then going backwards in time to hush it all up and pretend that it never happened... all part of a day's work for a subatomic particle.

So, like, dude, WHAT IF, like, we're all sub-atomic particles, you know, like, to Shiva? What if we're going back in time, like, right now, and don't even know it? Dude, you could be me, from the future! Have another brownie, man, and just think about it!

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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