Episode 199: Adventures at the Edge of Uncertainty

Episode 199: Adventures at the Edge of Uncertainty

Ep 199 Geoff

I'm fairly deliberately mashing together what I understand of observer effects and the model-view-controller pattern to better describe the role of the Chronicle. I know a lot more about the latter than the former, given my proclivities.

Also, Episode 200 is on the way. It should herald the return of color to our fair comic. Eventually, the black and white gap in the archive will be fixed as well. Then I'll remove these little annotations. Then the future will NEVER know of my sins.

Unless they have an archive or something.


Ep 199 Dolby

It has been one year and eleven months since we last saw us a Dali Gator. Welcome back, old friend!

What was equally exciting was drawing Val and the Captain as objects of furniture, because all of the sudden it reminded me of that scene in Return to Oz where everybody is turned into an object by the Rock King who's afraid of chickens, and Dorothy has to guess what objects are her friends in order to bring them back... Good scene, that...

Well, I'd love to chew the fat some more, but I've got to sharpen my quills in preparation for the DOUBLE LENGTH 200TH EPISODE coming your way in two scant days! I still don't entirely believe that number is real...

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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