Episode 127: Dalliance Interruptus

Episode 127: Dalliance Interruptus

Ep 127 Geoff

So, for this comic I really wanted to find a late 18th century French woman that was involved in nursing/doctoring/medicine in some way so that we could model one of Voltaire's guests after her.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find one at all. But I learned a few things about female medical pioneers (who weren't French, were mostly English, and were mostly mid-19th century).


Ep 127 Dolby

I am, historically, quite possibly the worst drawer of women ever. So, when I first saw Geoff's script for this episode I was trying to figure out a way to draw everything from behind, or maybe allegorically as an interaction between rectangles and circles... possibly a drawing of Voltaire with pictures of Anne-Sophie Mutter taped to either side of him...

In the end, though, I faced my fate, and things didn't turn out as badly as I thought they would, so yay!

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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