Episode 49: The Code of the Boleyns

Episode 49: The Code of the Boleyns

Ep 49 Geoff

This episode contains a fine example of how we play up favorable coincidences when they exist. In the course of some "research" on the Boleyns and the Iceni, I found out that they both had ties to Norfolk and exploited that fact like crazy when I actually sat down to script the thing.

Ep 49 Dolby

Queen Boudica (or Boadicea for those Representing It Old School Style) had pretty good reasons for being pissed off at the Romans. After her husband died, the Romans beat her and raped her daughters by way of saying, "Nice kingdom you've got here. Think we'll take it." So, she waited, gathering forces until the Roman army was called up north and then rose in revolt. She was soon violently defeated, but very nearly caused enough trouble to make the Romans rethink their whole "Britain is a fine place to join to the Empire" strategy.

Anne Boleyn probably did not in fact have six fingers on her left hand, though quite a few biographies of her that I have read state this as an unambiguous fact. For several years, she was the most hated woman in England, and when you are the most hated woman in England, things start getting said. She has a sixth finger. She bewitches the king with Christian baby blood mixed with wine. And so forth. Still, it makes a good story...

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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