Episode 52: No Buttons, No Mercy

Episode 52: No Buttons, No Mercy

Ep 52 Dolby

Thus is put to an end the ages-old barroom discussion of "Who would win in a fight between a sixteenth century Florentine Army and The Amish?" My mother actually lives in the middle of a rather large Amish/Anabaptist community, and there isn't one of them that couldn't tear me in half with one hand.

The Longboat Strategy actually worked well for Peter once. In the Great Northern War, Sweden's navy was one of the preeminent fighting forces in the world. Peter knew he couldn't beat it ship to ship so instead he built a bunch of dinky longboats and just swarmed the hell out of the Swedish vessels, beating them so badly that they remained a non-factor for the rest of the war.

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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