Episode 53: The Knight of the Unintelligible Countenance

Episode 53: The Knight of the Unintelligible Countenance

Ep 53 Dolby

Frederick loved creating new orders and decorations for Prussia. He saw that people would workk themselves just as silly for a piece of special ribbon as they would for a hundred acres of hereditary land and, figuring that Prussia had more ribbon than land...

On Wednesday I got to meet Ryan Claytor of And Then One Day fame while he was at my beloved Treasure Island Comics signing his books. I had not up until then gotten a chance to read any of these, but I heartily recommend the first book as something entirely Different. It's like somebody took the book of a man's life, ripped it up, threw it into the air, and then drew whatever random bits of paragraphs happened to fall into his hands... flashes of existence often without beginning or end ... things you wouldn't notice if they weren't singled out in this way. Like I said... a different sort of comic experience, and one I enjoyed very much treating myself to.

In the meantime, Happy Six-Month-Erversary to us!

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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