Episode 498: Don't Call it a Rossbach

Episode 498: Don't Call it a Rossbach

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Ep498 Dolby

As we saw roughly THREE HUNDRED episodes ago, when Old Fritz comes out to play, stuff starts getting REAL.

Speaking of insane numbers, one week from today we'll be launching Episode 500 - with many a festivity planned for those who have been loyally standing by us these many years! Keep your eyes fixed on the Twitter (@ftgcomic) for more details!

And now, some more ECCC sketches!

I call this one, simply, "Two Less Wizards"

There are some craniums that hold too much for even Zombie Abe to eat their fill of:

And speaking of Zombie Abe, here he is eating a convention attendee as the Lorax urges him on!

And what day is complete without James K. Polk preparing to invade Mexico while mounted on a Triceratops?

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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