Episode 469: A Presidential Disagreement

Episode 469: A Presidential Disagreement

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Ep 469 Dolby

Coolidge! Will his understated evil never loose its grip on this world?!

In other news, we are heading into some pretty significant territory here at the comic. Next week is the East Bay Book Fair, then on January 16, 2012, we celebrate our Five Year Anniversary just 8 days before Frederick himself celebrates his 300th Birthday. And not too much after that, episode 500 will be rearing its head! Milestones, folks!

Lately, I've been trying to take out time to check out webcomics other than those that I traditionally haunt, and, as you've seen here and on Twitter, I've been having a delightful time finding things new to me and reporting them to you. In honor of how exciting it has been, I'd like to keep this going by bringing you a Simply Smashing Webcomic of the Week every Tuesday here. Two weeks ago, it was the fantasy sea tale of Lasalle's Legacy, and last week 2D Goggles, which I am still agape with admiration for. Now, this week, my Simply Smashing Selection is...

The Paul Reveres. It's a comic about the revolutionary war, if said war were a rock battle. If you need any convincing about the awesome potential of the premise, take a look at George III's first appearance, and let the conversion happen. What's especially nice is that it mixes the big story, recasting historical events in a punk battle for supremacy, with the individual stories of the original characters so that it is equally accessible to lovers of History and Awesomeness alike.

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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