Episode 459: Monumental Proportions

Episode 459: Monumental Proportions

Ep 459 Dolby


It has come to my attention that our local high school art teacher has been so hit by budget cuts that she has had to go to the community to purchase such simple things as brushes and markers for her students. Art is awesome, and I am of the opinion that she should have them. So, from now through November 16, if you request a historical sketch, I will donate 100% of the proceeds to Mrs. Jervis's drive. Stroll through some of our past requests, then click below and request one of your own! Get something neat, and help out a small town's art program in the process!

On our Twitter this week: Why Descartes' Coordinate Geometry was the iphone of function theory, Geoff's recipe for liquid happiness, some thoughts on Ian Davidson's Voltaire in Exile, The Count's Beakman costume comes to naught, Senor Wences was a cyborg, and more! What will the next week hold? Follow us and find out!

Oh, and one of my absolute favorite webcomics, The Littlest Elle, is taking on the ambitious project of updating Every Single Day in November, so check that on out because it is like mainlining happiness. She'll be at the East Bay Independent Press Book Fair at Berkeley in December, as shall we! My plan is to do the show, hit up Moe's Books, and check out the comic book store that I understand has resurrected itself. It'll be A Day!

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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