Episode 219: Here is a Bomb Undetonated

Episode 219: Here is a Bomb Undetonated

Ep 219 Geoff

The song in today's episode is set to Here is a Case Unprecedented from the Gondoliers.

This is probably the catchiest song in that whole show.


Ep 219 Dolby

So, Geoff was over last Friday to play some Settlers of Catan and Ninja Burger, and he's like, "Yeah, I think for my first script I'm going to have Gilbert in there since we haven't seen him in like 40 episodes." I thought this was hyperbole, an exaggeration tending towards the humorous so as to evoke a response of laughter or chuckling, but, damned if it isn't the truth. So, for those of you who are new to the strip, here is your official Gilbert Back Story!

Enter W.S. Gilbert
An Unlikely Inspiration
Paying a Visit

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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