Episode 218: Burn This Queen Mother Out

Episode 218: Burn This Queen Mother Out

Ep 218 Dolby

Queen Victoria, if we are to believe Mendelssohn, was actually a pretty darn good musician, as was Prince Albert in his day. After Albert invited him over, Mendelssohn was able to coax the Queen into performing a few songs, his private verdict being

"She sang most charmingly, strictly in tempo and cleanly in diction; only after the words "der Prosa Last und Mueh," when the melody goes to a D and then rises harmonically, she twice sang a D-Sharp... but apart from that little error, it was really enchanting, and the last long G I haver never heard better, cleaner, and more naturally sung by an amateur."
(quoted in G. Marek, Gentle Genius: The Story of Felix Mendelssohn)

I was sure that the M.C. Hammer song was called Burn This Mutha Out... I was apparently wrong... It is in fact, TURN This Mutha Out... I apologize...

- Count Dolby von Luckner

Ep 218 Geoff

I do like it when the characters break into song.


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