Episode 142: The Necks Big Thing

Episode 142: The Necks Big Thing

Ep 142 Geoff

Well, we're going to shift focus back to Frederick et al next week, so episodes involving Peter just murdering people are going to go back into the murder-box until they are needed again.

The only good quote about necks that I could come up with a priori when I needed to title the episode was the one about how "the turtle can't move forward unless he sticks his neck out." I couldn't get a good joke out of this quote, so I went for the pun instead.


Ep 142 Dolby

Well, I am currently in the process of getting myself installed in my new palatial manor. The Countess and I lived in the old digs since we were married nine years ago, and, somehow, in spite of my abstemious, well-nigh monk-like habits, I have managed to collect a WEE bit of stuff since then. Luckily, Geoff was able to help me muscle about boxes of books and 8-bit Nintendo games, and all is now moving quickly towards awesomeness.

- Count Dolby von Luckner

Ep 142 Geoff 2

And the Count is totally neglecting to mention the especially nasty cultivars of Wild Spikevine that had engulfed every potted plant that the Countess wanted moved.

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