Episode 109: Who Moved My Tea?

Episode 109: Who Moved My Tea?

Ep 109 Geoff

Ah, bickering robots.

During one of my summer internships back when I was in college, I had a manager who was into these weird management koans.

He had a book called "The Blue Frog Book of Sad Mondays" (which couldn't have been the actual name of the book, but that is how I remember it) which imported some kind of wisdom along with blue-tinted pictures of sad bullfrogs.

Maybe it said things like, "Keep your worker-frogs on the appropriately sized lilypad"?

I don't know, I'm clearly making things up now.


Ep 109 Dolby

It's been a good four months since we've seen our old friend Archimedes. Welcome back chum!

It appears that today we have learned that our mysterious First Evil is, in fact, very adept at human resource management. That's important to know about an arch-enemy.

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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