Episode 595: Killer Queen

Episode 595: Killer Queen

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Ep595 Dolby

Robespierre working for Antoinette? A secret weapon designed by the father of chemistry himself? We've only just begun!

Lavoisier's story is really quite sad. He was a tax farmer, which was an occupation that the Revolutionaries particularly loathed, but by all accounts an honest one and he was certainly of a liberal bent himself. But that wasn't enough to save him when he and his fellow collectors were brought to trial, sentenced to death, and executed all within the span of a day. We still know his name today, but I don't think it gets spoken with the same hush of reverence that you get with the physicists - a Newton or a Galileo. That's seemingly true of all chemists, which is rather a shame. Who has Carl Wilhelm Scheele's name on their lips in spite of being one of the pivotal figures in the formation of modern chemistry? Ah well...

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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