2012 Holiday Special II: Sharing the Glory

2012 Holiday Special II: Sharing the Glory

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2012 Holiday II Dolby

I've talked before about how awesome Robert Hooke was - unambiguously the greatest experimental physicist of all time. But I'll give it to Newton here - Hooke was largely guessing, while Newton was reinventing mathematics and physics to get that law solidly proven for the centuries.

And now a bit of wanton self-promotion - New Zealanders! Check out December and March's issues of The Open Society for a brace of articles I've written on themes historical and legal! Englanders! Check out January's Freethinker for a few of my musings on Polytheism! Americans! Wait about, oh, a year, and in the December 2013 issue of Free Inquiry I've an article coming up about neuroscience and free will! Hopefully I'll have an announcement about something more recent within a couple of weeks, but until then, that's a bit of stuff to read!

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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