Episode 544: Downtrodden and Out

Episode 544

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Ep 544 Dolby

The Downtrodden? Why'd it have to be the Downtrodden?

Continuing on with our APE wrap-up, there are two little comics I wanted to bring your attention to because they are utterly charming - first, Doctor Lollipop by Miss Kelly Martin tells the story of a unicorn who is also a doctor bravely facing down the grumpademic that has struck the woodland creatures under her charge. It's a great idea perfectly executed - there is something hilarious on every page, and I feel like a dolt for having only picked up the first book at the convention.

I did, however, get all three volumes of Captain Kitten by Jemma Salume. It's an interesting study in contrast - while Doctor Lollipop is a study in exquisitely crafted character dialogue, Captain Kitten is almost totally visual in the first book, following the trail of a kitten who happens to pilot one of the few remaining pirate cat airships in the war against the dinosaurs. Pterodactyls attack the airship - cheetahs and tigers and sabretooth cats rush to the defense, and it all goes down like a great Errol Flynn film (with cats and dinosaurs).

Between those, Boston Metaphysical Society, Civil Four, Elle Skinner's release of the hardcover Erstwhile collection, playing a totally rigged game of Triple Triad with Madeleine Graham (she says she just RANDOMLY ended up with all the cards with A values, but we KNOW BETTER) and Astrid Johannsen's first volume of Absolutely True Tales of Lesbian Drama, it was a fine convention, a fine convention indeed.

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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