Episode 500: Schwerpunkt

Episode 500

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Ep500 Dolby

The last 13 months have seen our first published book, our 5th year anniversary, Frederick's 300th Birthday, our inclusion in a German museum exhibition, and now our 500th episode. During all that time, I've stored up a list of people to thank and by george and by blast I'm going to do it!

Thanks to fellow creators who have lent their support and genius! Those who encouraged us at the very beginning- Mark Poutenis and Winton Rowntree. Friends met as strangers at the cons of the west coast, like Elle Skinner, Adriana Ferguson, Anne Bean and her manservants Joel, Luke, and Andy, Astrid Johannsen, Sam Hock, Xander Kent, Madeleine Graham, Sara McCardle-Blunk, Eric Carter, and Trevor Kellogg. And the creators of those wonderful works that keep us inspired and reaching for our best, Dylan Meconis, Mark Andrew Smith, Kory Bing, Kel McDonald, Sydney Padua, Evan Dahm, Robin Edwards, and so many more!

But even more than those wonderful people, thank you to all of the readers who have propped us up over the years, I'll stick to last names so as to protect the innocent - M. Graebner, M. Bittner, M. Nisnevich, Mlle Princi, Mlle Ahnberg, M. Farrell, M. Fiorvento, @rustycol, M. Rubinoff, M. Bentley, Mlle. Lightfoot, Mlle. Khalid, Mlle. Schumaker, Mlle. Shook, and oh so many more who write in once in a while to check in how we're doing or use their voices to spread the cry of "Onwards, To Affectation!" to the world. It is deeply humbling that you're all still here with us, and as long as you are, we'll entertain you with everything that is in us.

- Count Dolby von Luckner

Ep 500 Geoff

Five hundo ain't bad!

Even after five hundred episodes, there is still endless joy to be had in writing about robots, Presidents, history, and foppery.

Thanks to everyone that loyally tunes in for their Frederick fix.

Now to start thinking about the day we hit episode 1000, sometime in 2017...


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