Episode 442: Giant Felling by Committee

Episode 442: Giant Felling by Committee

Ep 442 Dolby

Suffice to say that Lincoln and Pierce both felt strongly about preserving the Union, but had entirely different ways of going about it. We've talked about that before, though, so I won't prattle on about it, and INSTEAD I'll prattle on about this:

After having been reading [edited for spoilers] books for the last bit of a while now, I finally got to turn back to my pile of mathy-sciencey books that have been piling up, and have been heftily enjoying Roger Penrose's Road to Reality. There are a lot of books about physics and math out there that are for the general audience, and a lot more for specialists, but finding something that is accessible to somebody in between, say a diligent amateur, is a bit tricky. I am by no means finished with the thousand odd pages yet, but so far I am incredibly excited about it. When I was in grad school, between family, two teaching jobs, and this very comic, I didn't have time to poke into all of the corners of mathematics and mathematical physics that I was curious about, and working my way through the specialty texts in those fields by myself in snippets of stolen spare time is a slooooowwww business (I'm looking at you, Hyperbolic Manifolds and Discrete Groups), so finally having a book like this, that constantly slakes curiosity in a way that still has some serious mathematical oomph behind it, is decidedly nifty. Check it out!

The new Feynman graphic biography also came out this week - more on which next Tuesday!

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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