Episode 329: Not the Best, but it's Godunov

Episode 329: Not the Best, but it's Godunov

Ep 329 Dolby

Only four days left to bid on our Gulf Relief artwork! I am entirely amazed that it is going for as much as it is - but I would fully welcome being Even More Amazed by it going for Even More!

And so, we see that the bunny shirt man is, in fact, Boris Godunov, the only man that Ivan the Terrible kinda sorta would listen to during the latter part of his tsarship, and whose death brought on the Time of Troubles in Russian history. He was a witness to the tsar's murdering of his own son, and the central figure in a kick-ass opera by Mussorgsky.

Oh, the subtleties of European Diplomacy - it's been a while. As a matter of fact, later this week we will be celebrating exactly three and a half years of making this little adventure, which stuns me. All of you, thanks for reading and sending notes to us from time to time to fortify our spirits, it means everything, truly.

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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