Episode 252: Always Start a Land War In Asia

Episode 252: Always Start a Land War In Asia

Ep 252 Dolby

As his campaign of world conquest wore on, Alexander's spells of getting riotously intoxicated tended to increase in magnitude. One that took place in the palace of Persepolis began with all-star Athenian prostitute Thais suggesting "Hey, we should burn down this palace" and ended somewhat hazily later with the palace of Persepolis burned to the ground.

At another, Alexander took offense to somebody suggesting that his success was partially due to the foundation that his father Philip had set for him, and so he more or less murdered the guy, but felt pretty bad about it afterward.

So, yes, shit went down when Alexander got in a drinkin frame of mind...

- Count Dolby von Luckner

Ep 252 Chatter

I don't have much add on the historical front, but in other FtG news, The Count and I have started playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 over Xbox Live.

Our first foray into beating up hordes of schlubs went fairly well, although we missed the optional objective to destroy all eight of the cyborg prototypes because The Count is impatient and hates treasure.

The system is less complex than in the previous games, with what looks like four standard powers for every character and a very simple inventory, but it delivers some punching fun.


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