Episode 245: Curtain Call

Episode 245: Curtain Call

Ep 245 Dolby

Well, that does it for the Victorian Era. And a little bit of Ludwig II of Bavaria to cap it all off! I've gone on record saying that the only grounds for calling Ludwig dangerously insane was that he was, perhaps, unhealthily Rad. I believe he was more or less totally hosed and stabbed in the back by cabinet members hiring dirty doctors to cast false, but politically convenient, diagnoses. Werner Bertram's 1936 biography, while ridiculously pro-monarchical at times, at least performs the useful service of foregoing the tempting Mad King of Bavaria angle in favor of revealing an appaling story of a decent, dreadfully shy and confused man being torn apart by political jackals.

And so it is on to a brand new story in but two days! It is going to be ridiculous-for-fun and, if I can shake my new-found addiction to Star Wars Galaxies for a couple of consecutive hours, it might even happen!!

- Count Dolby von Luckner

EP 245 Dolby 2

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