Episode 209: It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Monarch

Episode 209: It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Monarch

Ep 209 Dolby

I have my doubts that the historical Frederick would have chosen Bavaria, Richard Wagner's turf since the mid-1860s, as the musical center of the world. He was not only a gifted flutist, but also a decent composer in his own right (though a few of those pieces might actually have been written by Quantz or his resident member of the Bach Clutch). His tastes, though, were for the light, simple, and elegant. Papa Bach struck him as too dark and cerebral. Mozart too complex. Beethoven was only 16 when Frederick died, but the king would have most likely hated his music, it being hard AND moody AND German.

So, I'm guessing Frederick would have been more at home with a Bizet than a Wagner, and yet, here he is, in Bavaria! Who knew?!

- Count Dolby von Luckner

Ep 209 Geoff

Hey all, colors will be late this week due to the performance of Gilbert and Sullivan's "The Gondoliers" that is currently eating most of my time.

However, be assured that I look quite dapper in my gondolier vest.


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