Episode 202: Give Every Man thy Earscarf but Few thy Technobabble

Episode 202:  Give Every Man thy Earscarf but Few thy Technobabble<br />

Ep 202 Geoff

Ah, the seductive song of technobabble.

A lot of the exposition in our wordy, wordy webcomic probably falls under the category of technobabble. However, the intent usually isn't to tell without showing unless that is the point of a joke.

However, since we're in Trek-mode for this version of the future, I figured some technobabble was in order to explain the aliens. I wrote lots of crap when I was plotting this future-arc out about the aliens and synthesizing together all the ideas I stole from Vernor Vinge, Peter Watts, and Neal Stephenson. Unfortunately, Frederick didn't have to know or care why his method of defeating the aliens worked, so I didn't get to devote entire episodes to my half-baked notions of alien biology. You'll just have to settle for the one technobabble filled panel.


Ep 202 Dolby

Well, Spring Training is in full swing, so let me just open to the Oakland A's roster and see how Donnie Murphy is doing here...

Hmmm... No, it can't be ... NO! WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS?!!

In the Apocrypha, it is written that this day would come... lo, mortals, tremble!

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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