Episode 196: On the Fritz

Episode 196

Ep 196 Geoff

So, I had a little soiree last weekend to celebrate my ability to stumble through another year of life. At this party, The Count temporarily mistook a bag of Pirate's Cannon Balls for a giant bag of lemon drops. This led us to discuss our mutual love for Sathers Lemon Drops.

The special thing about the Sathers recipe is the crusty sugar coating that make it impossible to eat several lemon drops without ripping apart things like one's tongue or the roof of one's mouth. The other special thing about them is that they are delicious.

One of the presents that my folks sent me was a bag of Sathers Lemon Drops. (Sadly, I unwrapped this gift after The Count had departed for the night.)

Suffice to say, my mouth is bleeding right now. With flavor.


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