Episode 187: The Powerful Allure of Calculus

Episode 187: The Powerful Allure of Calculus

Ep 187 Geoff

I think that Dali and Tophat are sharing a drink in a boat in the painting in panel 4.

I tried to keep the words off of it as much as possible, but there were too many of them.


Ep 187 Dolby

First of all, a big birthday huzzah to Frederick the Great. On Saturday he turned 297. Back on January 24, 1712, the cannons were firing throughout Berlin as the heir presumptive was born, though his survival was long in doubt (as Asprey points out, the firing of HUNDREDS of CANNONS just minutes after his birth probably didn't help his health any). But, survive he did, growing up to be a fine, fine king! Happy Birthday Fritz!!

Then, on the next day, over here on the stately von Luckner Manor, our eldest turned a full five years old, with all the rights and responsibilities pertaining thereto! As part of the birthday haul, she picked out for herself a very fine poster of Spider Man and Iron Man which has my full approval. Happy birthday, kiddo!!

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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