Episode 184: Honest Man, Golden Girl

Episode 184: Honest Man, Golden Girl

Ep 184 Dolby

I both heartily look forward to and am entirely terrified by the day when calculus and smooth-space physics, once the realm of only two or three of the greatest minds on the planet and now the realm of advanced high school students, becomes the core kindergarten material, while the differential equations of curved space time make up the bulk of the elementary school curriculum.

It is also my guess that future generations won't conflate the past 200 years or so of OUR time as much as we conflate, say, the years 600 to 1200 (didn't something about some guy named Norman happen in there? The Goths, they were around there, right?), but that's probably being optimistic....

*Tossing the Script Baton to Geoff*

- Count Dolby von Luckner

Ep 184 Geoff

*Catches the script baton*

Wow. Seeing as how we kicked this thing off on 01/16/2007, tomorrow will mark the close of the second full year of Frederick.


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